Below are a few plumbing reviews sent to us in appreciation of our hard work. Feel free to read through our reviews and if you would like to have one posted here see our contact us page and send us one to review and post here.

"He did what 2 other plumbers could not do. He got my drain cleared and it doesn't flood my basement anymore. I have recommended him to several different people."

DR. Pam G
Aurora, Colorado September 27th 2007

"DrainRight Drain cleaning came out and repaired our sprinkler system. He did a great job. I have used him in the past to repair a leak in the house and again they did a great job. The price was fair. The plumber who came out was very kind. I had another company come out but their work was not satisfactory and their price was more expensive. I would recommend DrainRight Drain cleaning and Plumbing to others."

Aurora, Colorado May 31st 2011

"Mike Hardy is awesome. Every time we have called him, he answers his phone and is very reliable. He is honest. I thought I had a problem with my valve. When he came out he saw that it was something minor that I hadn't done and I didn't need the work done. He could have just done the work and charged me but he didn't. I will definitely be calling him when we need plumbing work done again at our house."

Shannon R.
Denver, Colorado May 31st 2011

"Plumber Mike did a great job for me today. He showed up promptly, did quality work, and was patient when I had trouble picking up my new dishwasher. He even picked it up from the store.

I would say that the only issue was that it was not cheap, but that is not to say that the service was overpriced either. My bill came to about $300 (installation of a dishwasher and disposal of the old one, installation of three new valves under the kitchen sink), but I had his help for most of the afternoon plus a few new parts. I think that is probably an average rate to hire a plumber for as long as I did.

I would recommend this company for residential plumbing issues."

Brad M.
Denver, Colorado March 15th 2011

"We have been using Drain Right for several years. Mike came out for a flood in my basement and replaced the sump pump, replaced the pipes and shower heads in both bathrooms, and ran my main line a couple of times. He is always great when he comes and responds quickly. He is honest and reasonable. I would recommend his company to everyone."

Sharon M.
Westminster, Colorado July 1st 2011

"I called to have a drain line cleaned out and within an hour, Mike was on the job. Within three hours, he had identified the problem, fixed it, and cleaned up the mess. And the price was fantastic!"

Jeff P
June 16th 2011

"I had a plumber from this business come to my house today and I was happy with the price and the work they did. I had a drain repair and they put in a faucet.

Jake R
Denver, Colorado June 6th 2011 

"I have been using Drain Right Drain Cleaning and Plumbing for the past 5 years. I have used them to repair my shower, fix my sprinkler.

I recently had them out on an emergency plumbling call for problems with my sink drain. He replaced my disposal and did a great job.

Mike is always punctual, showing up on time. He is very honest and the price was good."

Sheela N.
Centennial, Colorado May 19th 2011

"Great Value, Good Work I used to work for a national plumbing organization for about 7 years on the office side and have a good understanding of how the business works, pitfalls as a consumer, and what to be on the lookout for. Mike is courteous, willing to work hard, and above all honest (which is tough to come by in the service industry). We had Mike do quite a few jobs around the house for about 2 days and skated out about $400 less than a major plumbing vendor in town. The work was clean and affordable. I would recommend Mike's work to anyone with plumbing needs in the Denver area."

Arvada, Colorado February 15th 2010

"We have used Drainright for 4 months now. I live in a old home that has many plumbing problems so we have had them out several times and it's always been positive . They have always been on time, they came out after hours when we had a emergency within 1 hour, they have had very reasonable prices compared to other companies not to say it was cheap but less expensive for professional and clean work. I would definitely recommend this business to any one in need of a good plumber."

Northglenn, Colorado March 15th 2011

"Professional and personal. We had a issue with a major valve. it was fixed quickly and expertly. I will recommend their services to my friends, family, and co-workers!"

Steve Kelsey
Denver, Colorado November 15th 2011

"I had a leaking shower, Mike came out and fixed it. the work was done fast and the price was fair."

Ron Lopez
Denver, Colorado February 8th 2013

" They were on time and they helped me on a Sunday. I was happy with the way the plumber took care of our problem so quickly."

Sam Hunter
Lakewood, Colorado March 4th 2013 

"I had my sewer drain backing up every other month. I called Drain Right out to do a video inspection of the line and they found that I had a broken drain. I wanted them to repair the bad spot and it was done the next day. The price was fair and I felt comfortable with the work that was done because they have the city inspect all the worke."

Parker, Colorado
 March 27th 2013

"Talked to Mike last night and explained our toilet in the basement was clogged. we set up an appt for the following day at noon. He called me at 11:15am to let me know he could be at our house sooner if we liked. He arrived, did a quick assessment, walked us through what he was going to do to trouble shoot. within 15 minuets he cleaned out the line and removed the clog. he also ran his equipment from the house to the main sewer line. very easy transaction. he is knowledgeable and reliable. I would use his services again and recommend him to others.

John Meurer
Denver, Colorado September 2013

"My Brother told me to call them when I needed help with a slow bathtub drain. they showed up on time! Mike was friendly and seemed to really know his stuff. The problem was fixed in less then 10 minuets. I have also referred them to some friends and have got nothing but positive feed back."

Doug P 
Englewood, Colorado December 1st 2013

"I Had a hot water heater that was leaking. I called them and they sent a Plumber right out that day. The leak was fixed in less than 20 minutes. The plumber was respectful and very informative. I had a clogged floor drain that prevented him from draining the water heater so he cleaned the drain for free. over all, the work was great and the price was fair."

Rob I
Aurora, Colorado January 3rd 2014

"great job! affordable prices on my drain cleaning for the apartment building I manage."

Steve Rider 
Lakewood, Colorado January 6th 2014

"I found this business on the BBB web site and used them because they had an A+ rating. I was in need of a bathroom remodel and needed a new bathtub and toilet installed. A plumber showed up and actually was able to do the work that day. the price was average and they cleaned up and finished up in 1 day."

Nick T
Denver, Colorado January 10th 2014

"I just bought a new house for the first time and knew nothing about fixing stuff. they sent a couple plumbers to my home when I had a problem with a sewer smell. They tested the system with smoke and found out I had a broken drain vent in my wall. the plumbing repair was not that expensive at all and only took about 1 hour. I am in the military and was given a discount for that so I figured id write them a review.

Littleton, Co, January 21st 2014  

"Quality work! great price!"

Jay M
Denver, Colorado January 27th 2014

"I recently put my home on the market. the buyers agent requested that I do a video sewer inspection of my main sewer drain. I decided to call Drain Right to do the job. They were on time, did a great job dealing with every one involved in the sale of my home, and the price was fair compared to the other plumbing and drain cleaning contractors I called. My sewer actually was broken and needed repair. they were able to fix it that week. over all my experience with plumbers has always been negative but the way I was treated with this business changed my mind and now I will be calling them back if I ever need a plumber or drain cleaning."

Linda T
Aurora, Colorado February 1st 2014 

"I had a pipe freeze in my wall last night causing it to leak. This caused a flood and lots of damage! I was very overwhelmed with the situation at hand. Mike came out and quickly found the leak and fixed it in less than a hour. The cost for the plumbing repair was nothing compared to the amount of damage done to my home from the leak. Mike also insolated the area that the pipe froze to prevent another freeze break in the future."

Manny l
Aurora, Colorado February 5th 2014

"The plumber that came out to my home did clean and professional plumbing work. My drain had a crack and was leaking out in my wall. They sent a plumber out a hour after I called and he fixed the broken pipe in about 2 hours. the price was good and I felt good about this business."

Rich D
Lakewood, Colorado February 10th 2014

"the plumber that came out to fix my broken sewer was very nice and the price was fair. I would sugest using this plumbing contractor for your home."

Sean R 
Westminster, Colorado March 12th 2014

"Plumber Mike was out last week to repair a plumbing leak I had under my kitchen sink, He gave me a free estimate and came back today to do the work. The price was avrage but the work was great! He was clean, Fast, and honest. This is my 5th time using a plumber and I have to say this was the best so far."

Northglenn, Colorado March 25th 2014  

"Drain Right Was just at my house and they did a great job."

Mike A
Denver, Colorado April 3rd 2014

"My drain Pipe was leaking in the wall and the plumber that came out fixed it with in 1 hour for less than $200.00. I have had to use plumbing contractors many times and I feel they were pretty good at what they do."

Terry L
Denver, Colorado April 17th 2014

"Came quickly to clear a main line backup and camera the line (they were here with in a couple hours). And they came out in full force to get the line replaced the next week (They were even ahead of schedule)!"

Joshua M
Golden, Colorado April 13th 2014

"I have a condo in Denver that was broken in to and some one took all the copper pipe from the walls. Drain Right Plumbing came out and re piped my home for what I thought was a Great price! Every thing is working great and I am happy with the new PEX material they used."

Denver, Colorado April 20th 2014

"Sean Came to my house and put in a new toilet. He did the work fast and the price was cheap."

Ryan H
Greely, Colorado April 23rd

"They fixed my spigot quickly and effectively"

Kelly M
Thornton, Colorado April 27th 2014

"The plumber that came ouit was honest and neat."

Matt J
Westminster, Colorado May
 2nd 2014

"My drain backed up last night and they helped my clean it this morning. Mike was great to work with "very friendly" we will use them agan."

Trung N
Aurora, Colorado May 15th 2014

"Today was a bad day for us because our house flooded while on vacation. Drain Right came right out when I called and were very help full with fixing the leaks we had. I will use them next time."

Boulder, Colorado May 21st 2014

"Great Job!"

Nancy P
Westminster, Colorado May 27th 2014

"I have a house from the early 1900's and it needed lots of work from removing lead pipes, to replacing the water heater. Their plumber came out after we closed on the house and gave a free estimate witch was the best of 3. We had them come out about 1 month later to do the work and our experince was good."

Fred A
Lakewood, Colorado Jun 10th 2014

"The person they sent out to our house was a Master Plumber, He really knew his stuff!"

Mark K
Denver, Colorado Jun 23rd 2014

"I think they need a good review for being a good Plumbers."

Pawan K
Aurora, Colorado July 1st 2014

"Mike has been working for us for years as our plumber. I wish i could of writen this review sooner. He is a great guy and runs his business verry well. I do recomend Drain Right for any one who just needs a good plumber."

Kim C
Lakewood, Colorado July 1st 2014

"Drainright has been doing plumbing for me for years. they are always on time and we have never had any problems with them."

Martin S
Westminster, Colorado July 3rd 2014

"My water heater was leaking and the plumber they sent out was actully able to fix the leak rather than replace the whole unit, saving me over $300.00 from another estimate I got."

Aurora, Colorado August 26th 2014  

"Mike went to our home while on vacation to add a bathroom in our basement. He had the work finished when we got home. We trust him in our home because we have used him for years."

Deb W
Thornton, Colorado September 18th 2014

"Fast, friendly, and up front pricing. good plumbing business to work with."

Denver, Colorado September 21st 2014  

"He did what 2 other plumbers could not do. He got my drain cleared and it doesn't flood my basement anymore. I have recommended him to several different people"

Pam G
Denver, Colorado September 27th 2007

"On time and they got the job done right great plumbers!" 

October 20th 2014 

"Sean was great to work with. The pipe was fixed in no time at all"

Ron V
Denver, Colorado October 3rd 2014

 "My toilet was running all the time, I decided to call a plumber and they were the 5th business I called. every one was to bussy to help but they came right out and fixed my valve in a flash! I would use them again."

Sara W
Longmount, Colorado April 7th 2016






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