Plumbing Construction & Remodels

Whether building a structure from the ground up or refreshing an already existing building, plumbing construction and plumbing remodels require much more knowledge than merely understanding how pipes fit together. Plumbing remodeling contractors must understand the larger picture and know how to build out building plumbing upgrades while leaving room for other essential systems. And because later alterations can delay construction or require costly demolitions, having new plumbing construction services and bathroom renovation contractors that do quality work from the start is essential. Denver’s Drain Right Drain Cleaning & Plumbing, Inc. is an established and locally owned and operated company that does just that sort of work.

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Professional Plumbing Construction and Remodeling that Denver Trusts 

Whether you’re in need of kitchen remodeling contractors or full-fledged new building plumbing construction, you’ll want a tried-and-true professional guiding the project. Sloppy installations inevitably lead to schedule setbacks, additional expenses, and potentially catastrophic damage. Experienced plumbers with both practical experience and engineering know-how can help you avoid such issues. 

Drain Right Drain Cleaning & Plumbing, Inc. is a long-running, northern-Colorado company that understands remodeling and new construction requires the following: 

  • Careful accommodation of existing plumbing
  • Planning for the placement of new fixtures
  • An understanding of various design and aesthetic considerations
  • Prompt, unobtrusive installation that facilitates ongoing work
  • Knowledge of engineering requirements for different types of projects

We are happy to offer our services for all types of projects, including plumbing fixture upgrades, new kitchen plumbing installation, and a variety of remodeling.

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Why You Should Choose Drain Right Plumbing 

At Drain Right Drain Cleaning & Plumbing, Inc., we want you to know that you’re getting the best possible value. In addition to providing top tier plumbing services, we’re a locally owned and operated company, which means that you won’t have to pay the premiums usually required by many national chains. Our Better Business Bureau rating of A+ testifies to our reputation for customer satisfaction.  

We also strive to provide prompt and professional service to our clients no matter their location. While our main service area is Denver, we travel to other cities such as Castle Rock, Boulder, Aurora, Englewood, Westminster, Greely, Highlands Ranch, and more. If you’re considering a remodeling project or are thinking about building a new home or commercial building, contact us if you live near the Denver metropolitan area. We are happy to accommodate you to the best of our ability! 

“These days customer service skills are lost. I still believe in good customer service and Drain Right provided great customer service. Not only that, they did a good job in doing my plumbing installation for my new bath room.”
– Glenda

Plumbing Construction and Remodeling FAQs  

Both new construction and remodels are big jobs that can require a significant amount of time and money to successfully complete. It’s natural to have questions about the plumbing part of the process, and we can provide answers to some of the more commonly asked queries below. 

Typically, most average sized new houses will require three to five days of plumbing installation (i.e., roughing in) work. Larger houses or commercial properties may require multiple weeks, and factors such as weather or scheduling conflicts may increase the required time. 

Yes! We have the required knowledge and experience to know if your plumbing is up to code. 

In general, you should include a plumber in your remodeling as soon as you know that it will involve piping in any way whatsoever. This is especially true if you’re opening walls, wanting to move water fixtures, or are already experiencing leaks or other plumbing problems. 

Though plumbing projects can vary significantly from site to site, the creation of a plumbing plan involves:

  1. Conceptualizing the scope of the job
  2. Drafting the job, including the required plumbing lines
  3. Including all connections and features required on the lines; and
  4. Ensuring no conflicts with current or planned fixtures

The rough-in period of plumbing construction involves the installation of the supply and waste lines prior to the raising of the walls. It requires careful planning to determine the location of essential rooms (e.g., bathrooms, laundry rooms). If you’re considering a remodeling or new construction project, contact Drain Right for all your plumbing needs.