Plumbing Inspection

When is the best time to stop a plumbing problem? The answer is well before it starts. That’s why you should consider getting a plumbing inspection. A slow-to-drain sink or inexplicably damp access cabinet could indicate serious plumbing problems. And even if you aren’t experiencing any troubles with a faucet, toilet, or drain, a regular annual plumbing inspection can keep them from developing. Drain Right Drain Cleaning & Plumbing, Inc. has worked throughout the northern Colorado area for years and has a well-established reputation as a top tier plumbing inspection and service company.

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Professional Plumbing Inspection that Denver Trusts 

Homeowners and business managers have many different reasons for seeking plumbing inspections. Leaky pipes, poorly functioning pumps, heaters that never seem to warm the water, and other plumbing problems are natural reasons to conduct an inspection. So is the inspection period during the potential purchase of a new property. Many professionals also suggest getting an inspection by an experienced plumber every year or two even in the absence of problems. 

Drain Right Drain Cleaning & Plumbing, Inc. has ample experience in conducting plumbing inspections and understands that a thorough inspection seeks to determine the following: 

  • If the main water supply is fully functional
  • If sewer scoping reveals that all sewer lines are completely intact
  • If the water pressure is adequate and steady
  • If there are any active leaks in the property
  • If any visible piping is constructed out of lead or is galvanized
  • If your water heater is properly functioning
  • If your caulking needs to be replaced

Note that this isn’t an exhaustive list of the inspection service that we provide.

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Why You Should Choose Drain Right Plumbing  

Businesses and homeowners within the Denver metropolitan area know that Drain Right can provide them with the services they need. While our main service area is Denver, we travel to other cities such as Castle Rock, Boulder, Aurora, Englewood, Westminster, Greely, Highlands Ranch, and more. Contact us if you need plumbing inspection services for a property that’s near The Mile High City. We’re happy to accommodate you if at all possible! 

We also pride ourselves on providing you with the best value possible. Because we’re locally owned and operated, we’re not beholden to shareholders or to a corporate structure. We won’t charge you the fees that national chains often require, and our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau testifies to our customers’ satisfaction with our work.  

“Same day appointment. Technician was on time and quickly solved the problem. Excellent communication from the initial phone call to the service appointment that afternoon. Will definitely call them again!”
– David

Plumbing Inspection FAQs  

From valve inspections to sewer video camera inspections, checking the health of a plumbing system is a complex thing. Following you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we get asked. 

The main purpose of a plumbing inspection is to ensure that all pipe and concomitant hardware are in good working order. In addition to examining the pipes themselves, a plumber will look at the water heater, various valves, insulation, sewer lines or septic tanks, drains, and more. A thorough inspector should also ensure that all permits are up to date.

Not every inspection automatically includes the use of specialized cameras to inspect sewer lines. These inspections are usually billed separately and at a higher rate than standard inspections. 

You should get a plumbing inspection if you’re experiencing plumbing-related problems or suspect that your plumbing may contain unhealthy materials (e.g., lead). 

At a minimum, plumbing should be checked once every two years. 

Absolutely! Plumbing inspections often catch small problems before they become major disasters. Contact Drain Right Drain Cleaning & Plumbing, Inc. to schedule your plumbing inspection today!